Seven Sisters Coffee is an Orlando based business providing yummy affordable quality organic coffee to local customers, businesses and non-profits. On-line opportunities for ordering are available through this website as well.

As an avid coffee drinker and mother, I began my journey in coffee to discover how quality coffee can be enjoyed simply and affordably with human rights at the root. The opportunities that arose on this journey confirmed my vision that a just world can start with each individual. From my trip to the rainforests of Nicaragua, meeting the people who grow, produce and roast coffee, to the wonderful fair-minded consumers who partake of it's coffee goodness, I am affirmed in that vision.

If you are visiting this website, than you are most likely interested and perhaps committed to working towards impacting our global relationships. Enjoy the story and photos as you read on and remember when you enjoy a cup of Seven Sisters Coffee, you are sipping on a cup of social change.



Alisha Kearns




Seven Sisters Coffee provides coffee from sustainable, organic, fairly traded , and relationship coffee farms.  Our coffee comes from Selva Negra Coffee Estate in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Selva Negra is a fully sustainable estate, from coffee production to the estate workers facitlities. My Coffee House vision sent me on the journey to Selva Negra where I had the opportunity to spend a 5 day point-of-origin tour with some great friends, old and new. The owner of Selva Negra, Mousi and her son-in-law Steve introduced me to the sustainability of the farm and to the beautiful people who work there. I spent time picking coffee cherries with the main foreman, visiting the educational facilities for the worker families, eating some amazing farm grown organic food and hiking in virgin rain forest.  Take a walk through the collection of photographs from Nicaragua and I hope you get a sense the beauty and humanity I felt while there! 
If you would like information on taking a point of origin tour to Selva Negra, please email me for details.