Seven Sisters Coffee is an Orlando, FL based company that provides quality, organic, specialty coffee to local customers, businesses and non-profits. Our vision is to bring the greater global industry of coffee to a more local and meaningful level. Our mission is to provide amazing tasting coffee that fills individuals with the warm message of just treatment and global connections.

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Our Coffee hails from the Nicaraguan coffee estate of Selva Neggra. Coffee is organically and shade grown, hand-picked and milled on site. Selva Negra employs local Nicaraguans and provides living, medical, educational facilities and fair pay to workers. The beans continue their quality journey to a family-owned roastery in Atlanta where it is superbly roasted by Master Roasters at Beanealogy.

We call this a seed-to-cup experience: from harvest to roasting to brewing and tasting, you know where and how your coffee manifested into your cup! A small business to small business system also provides consumers with quality specialty coffee for a great price. The knowledge that you are participating in a fair and just commerce makes your cup of coffee even warmer and more tasty!




Seven Sisters Coffee is now available in Blue Bird Bake Shop! Orlando's newest and tastiest bakery provides cupcakes and baked goods from scratch every morning. What better way to enjoy but with a cup of our fantastic, organic and smooth tasting coffee. Blue Bird Bake Shop brews fresh every day for a cup size or your choice. One-pound bags of whole bean freshly roasted coffee is also available for retail in this lovely shop. Take the time to visit this beautiful jewel of Orlando! It's an experience in wonderful taste and fun!

If you are not an Orlando native, you can order coffee form our very own on-line store.


Enjoy your choice in quality coffee and small business. You'll know you are making a difference one cup at a time!